Panhard Levassor X14 20 CV torpedo Vanvooren – 1912

Panhard Levassor X14 20 CV torpedo Vanvooren - 1912

Panhard Levassor X14 20 CV torpedo – 1912

Marca : Panhard et Levassor
Modello : X14
Versione : Torpedo
Anno : 1912
Telaio N. : X14 27065
Motore N. : 27065
Esemplari prodotti : —
Carrozzeria : Vanvooren
Progettista :
Motore : 4 cilindri in linea
Cilindrata : 4.398 cc
Distribuzione : SV
Valvole Cilindro : 2
Alimentazione : —
Potenza : 20 CV
Top speed Km/h :

Auction Result
2018 – Parigi – Artcurial – 298.000 €

Panhard held a special place amongst the earliest makes of cars. It was at the forefront of designing a ” modern ” car, with a layout of mechanical components that went on to become the norm. The marque was always on the look out for the latest innovations, and in 1909 Panhard became interested in Charles Knight's development of an engine where the conventional valves had been replaced with sleeve valves. Impressed by the silent and smooth running of this system, Panhard bought the licence and started to develop its own ” valveless ” engines. The first chassis to benefit was the Type X7, presented at the 1910 Motor Show, and from that date on, this engine was fitted to the marque's high-end models for many years. The Type 14 was one such model, equipped in 1911 with a four-cylinder 4 398cc valveless engine that also had a better braking system than the X7.

Thanks to the active Aventure Peugeot Citroën DS that keeps the Panhard Levassor archive, we have been able to obtain copies of the register and records of the superb X14 in the Volante Collection. On 29 June 1912 the law firm Recht & Lehmann in Buenos Aires was invoiced 13 021 francs for the car. Details on the invoice confirm that it still has its original 20 CV engine today. It was clearly used very little in period, and was later sent to England, where it appeared in a veteran car auction in Ascot, in July 1995 and was subsequently exhibited in a Dutch museum, in Assen. It was then bought by the current owner, who had been looking to acquire it for some considerable time, in order to add one of the first Vanvooren-bodied automobiles to his Volante Collection. He was particularly impressed by the wonderfully original condition of the car, the previous owners having wisely decided to conserve as many elements of the original car as possible and not over-restore it. Work carried out by the previous owner includes the fitting of a rear-view mirror from a 1911 Rolls-Royce, and pre-1914 brass-framed rear windscreen and side windows. To make driving this imposing automobile easier, he had a steering damper fitted between the front axle and the tie-rod, which makes a significant improvement. This equipment can easily be dismantled if required.
This Vanvooren body, numbered 675, is particularly interesting as it is one of the oldest known examples by the coachbuilder to be fitted to a car that is still running. A very similar body exists on a 1911 Mercedes 38/70 HP that belongs to one of the most important collections in the world. This handsome torpedo is very well equipped, with splendid button leather, two folding seats with backrests facing the road, and a canvas hood. The car also has two spare detachable wheels with tyres, a folding brass windscreen, BRC self-contained acetylene headlamps and oil side lamps. It comes with a complete set of original tools in leather cases marked with the manufacturer's name.


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