Franklin Model G Touring – 1912

Franklin Model G Touring - 1912

Franklin Model G – 1912

Marca : Franklin
Modello : Model G
Versione : Touring
Anno : 1912
Telaio N. : 12837G
Motore N. : 14446
Esemplari prodotti : —
Motore : air-cooled 4-cylinder
Cilindrata : 201 cu in
Distribuzione : OHV
Valvole Cilindro : 2
Alimentazione : carburetor
Potenza : 25 hp
Top speed Km/h : —

Auction Result
2017 – Philadelphia – Bonhams – $ 25,300

This 1912 Franklin Model G Touring, chassis number 12837G, was part of the estate of Helen Swigart, and as such was subject to litigation between her heirs and those of her husband, William Swigart. 12837G was among some 65 cars from the Swigart collection auctioned at Hershey, Pennsylvania in 2007. At the time, the car carried a 1917 Pennsylvania license plate, presumed to indicate its most recent registration.

At some time during its long storage, the car had been coated in oil as a preservative against rust, which was noted at the left-rear fender and the splash aprons nonetheless. The entire car was said to be sticky from the oil, though the substance had apparently done its job in preserving the machine during its 90 year hibernation.

Since its sale in 2007, the car has been tidied up considerably, and its missing lower seat cushions have been reconstructed. 12837G remains unrestored, however, and it received its certification of Historic Preservation of Original Features from the Antique Automobile Club of America in 2012. More recently, 12837G was awarded with first place in the OR1 HPOF class for Original cars at the AACA meet in Lakeland, Florida.

12837G’s engine is in running condition, with new wiring, and the car’s three-speed manual gearbox shifts well. This car’s body is in good condition, though its splash aprons and three of its four fenders show some rust. The car’s black paintwork is in poor condition, and its brass brightwork is showing its age. Its passenger-side headlight glass is missing, and its windshield has a large crack that caused it to be removed from the vehicle, though it is included here along with the bows to support the missing top.


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