Cord L29 Cabriolet – 1930

Cord L29 Cabriolet - 1930

Cord L29 Cabriolet – 1930

Marca : Cord
Modello : L29
Versione : Cabriolet
Anno : 1930
Telaio n : 2928140
Motore n. FD 3266 A
Body n. F-850
Motore : 8 cilindri in line
Distribuzione : SV
Valvole Cilindro : 2
Aspirazione :  Carb.
Cilindrata : 4.888 cc
Potenza 125 CV a 3.500 giri/min
Top speed Km/h : 130

Auction Result
2016 – Amelia Island – RM Sotheby's – $ 203.500

At its debut, the Cord Front-Drive was the first major American production car with front-wheel drive, and it was easily the most innovative automobile that had been offered to the public in a decade, thanks to engineering input from legendary racecar builder Harry Miller. The Cord's front-wheel-drive system employed a Lycoming straight-eight that was reversed in the chassis so that the transmission was at the extreme front. The lack of a driveshaft tunnel allowed for the bodies to be mounted low on the frame, with the result being that the Cord was no taller than a person of average height. Their interiors boasted flat floors, allowing for comfortable, spacious seating.

The Front-Drive, like so many of the great automobiles of its time, had the bad luck to have been born at the worst possible moment. It was offered to market just as the Great Depression's crushing weight came down on the automobile industry, and production of the car faded away in late 1931.



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