Citroen 2 CV AZLP – 1959

Citroen 2 CV AZLP - 1959

Citroen 2 CV AZLP – 1959

Marca : Citroen
Modello : 2 CV
Versione : Type AZLP
Anno : 1959
Telaio N. : 2379748
Motore N. : 02837239

Esemplari prodotti :
Designer : 
Progettista :
Motore : 2 cilindri contrapposti
Cilindrata : 425 cc
Distribuzione : OHV
Valvole Cilindro : 2
Alimentazione : 1 carb. Solex
Potenza : 12 CV a 3.500 giri/min
Top speed Km/h : 70

Auction Result
2017 – Parigi – Artcurial – 19.072 €

The car we are offering came out of Citroen factories on 19 November 1959. With the appellation taken from the AZ model, this car is the AZLP version equipped with a 425cc engine (and not with the Type A 375cc engine either), a luxury version (door and hood sticks) and having a boot lid (P) which advantageously replaced the fabric soft top on other models. In other words, it was the “high-end” version of the 2cv. Furthermore, our model is embellished with numerous and unusual optional accessories such as: special dashboard, additional headlights, rear deck, OLD gallery or fire extinguisher in the engine compartment. Carefully stored from 1985 on according to its current owner, it was rediscovered in 2014, taken out from the barn and back to running condition. The car is in exceptional state of origin and conservation, the bodywork and platform being perfectly sound. The engine was checked by a member of the Sucy-en-Brie 2cv Club, confirming minor tear and wear whilst the brakes were fully redone. In order to keep the car in its original condition, the owner has even kept the vintage tyres which will have to be replaced. Only few examples with that many optional extras are in such original condition.


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