Cadillac Model S – 1908

Cadillac Model S - 1908

Cadillac Model S – 1908

Marca : Cadillac
Modello : Model S
Anno : 1908
Motore n. : 24521

Motore : Monocilindrico
Cilindrata : 1.609 cc
Distribuzione : SV
Valvole Cilindro : 2
Potenza : 8 CV
Top speed Km/h : 30 mph

Auction Result
2015 – Monaco – Artcurial – € 21.456

This Cadillac Type S was restored in the and now sports a very charming patina. Our collector acquired the car at an auction organized by Poulain Le Fur, when the car was on display at the Museum in Reims in 1997. It is a Type S whose engine number suggests that it left the factory in early 1908, as the last engine from the previous year had the number 24350. This car is powered by a single-cylinder 1.6-liter engine that is placed horizontally and water cooled. The transmission is through a planetary gear box, much like that of the Ford Model T, with two forward gears and one reverse. The final drive is by chain.
A plaque on the body recalls the use of the patent Selden, filed for a vehicle powered by a gasoline engine. For the record, Henry Ford refused to pay the royalties required by this patent, which gave rise to an endless legal process, which went on to serve the reputation of Ford.
This car, typical of the early years of motoring with its double-phaeton body to carry four people, needs to be re-started. Once done, it will surely provide all the offbeat pleasure of a car of this type.


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