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Peel Trident - 1965

Peel Trident – 1965

Peel Trident – 1965

Marca : Engineering Company
Modello : Trident
Anno : 1965
Telaio N. : E185
Esemplari prodotti : 47
Designer : Cyrill Cannel
Motore : Monocilindrico 2 tempi
Cilindrata : 49 cc
Alimentazione : 1 carburatore
Potenza : 4,5 CV a 6.600 giri/min
Top speed Km/h : 61

Auction Result
2017 – Monterey – RM Sotheby’s – $121,000

Peel-Trident-1965-1-720x540 Peel Trident - 1965

The Peel Trident was a further development of the famous Peel P50, which still holds the Guinness World Record as the smallest production automobile ever made. With a slightly larger body than the P50, the Trident was optimistically advertised as featuring “saloon car comfort with scooter cost.”

Peel-Trident-1965-2-720x540 Peel Trident - 1965

First unveiled at the 1964 Earls Court Motorcycle Show, the Trident featured a new body design but used the P50’s Zweirad Union single-cylinder engine and three-speed gearbox without reverse. It is said, however, that the last six Tridents produced utilized the 98-cc engine and automatic transmission from the Triumph Tina scooter. When featuring the 49-cc package, it achieved an advertised top speed of 38 miles per hour and a reported 100 mpg. Consequently, driving the Trident was “almost cheaper than walking,” as advertised.

Peel-Trident-1965-3-720x540 Peel Trident - 1965

The all-new body was designed around a clear plastic dome which tilts forward to allow the driver to enter. Though only a single seater in practical use, the car was designed to theoretically accommodate two occupants. The futuristic dome and the overall spaceship-like appearance of the Trident gave Peel another natural slogan: “Your transport of tomorrow – today.”

Peel-Trident-1965-4-720x540 Peel Trident - 1965


Peel-Trident-1965-5-720x540 Peel Trident - 1965


Peel-Trident-1965-6-720x540 Peel Trident - 1965


Peel-Trident-1965-7-720x540 Peel Trident - 1965


Peel-Trident-1965-8-720x540 Peel Trident - 1965


Peel-Trident-1965-9-720x540 Peel Trident - 1965


Peel-Trident-1965-10-720x540 Peel Trident - 1965


Peel-Trident-1965-11-720x540 Peel Trident - 1965


Peel-Trident-1965-12-720x540 Peel Trident - 1965


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